Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thought-Theatre: What Big Yellow Ones?

For some reason I just started opening up my blog and the New Post page without anything in mind, so I'll just reminisce about this tiny, unimportant memory.

Jumanji used to be one of my favourite movies as a kid, and I remember one time I went outside into my front garden on a grey, cold day and started squeezing those little pink flowers that open up (ages ago I was told they were "snap dragons" - whether or not that's what they are actually called I don't know), pretending they were small versions of that big yellow pod-flower-thingy on Jumanji.

Speaking of Jumanji, there was this one time where I was in the middle of watching Jumanji, I got up and went outside wearing either my Batman cape or a bandanna safety pinned to my shirt; my Thomas the Tank Engine gumboots; and a cap (maybe my Pokemon one) backwards, while holding a toy machine gun, pretending to be Van Pelt (the hunter) from Jumanji. I walked until the turnoff into the section of Huntingfield we lived in until a woman (who I remember having short, dark hair, probably in her 30s or 40s) picked me up and took me home because she thought I would get lost or because I was running away or something.

Oh, how awesome I was.

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